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Office building loans are a specific type of commercial loan that is in particular for office buildings and financed through a commercial mortgage. Since 1977, Ocean Pacific Capital has specialized in commercial loans, with a core focus on office building loans. While the paperwork and process of obtaining the loan may seem complicating, challenging, and daunting, we are here to set you on a clear and simplified path. Some of the documents that may be required for qualification of an office building loan include: previous two years' tax documents, profit and loss statements for the past two years, balance statements from the last two years, and income statements from the past two years. Our experience in this industry also allows us to offer one of the lowest and most competitive rates. We offer financing starting at $500,000 to over $1.3 billion plus. Fixed and adjustable rates are also available and can be amortized up to 30 years. Unlike traditional personal mortgages, the financial history of a business or corporation plays a large role in obtaining an office building loan. Also, the value of the property or commercial real estate, outweighs the size of the property. We pride on our ability to surpass our clients' expectations. We helped numerous real estate developers and investors in acquiring an office building loan that best suited their needs. For more information or to start the process today, email us or call us today to speak to one of our experienced commercial loan specialists. We look forward to working with you.

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Private Astronauts Float Through Orbit With Video Calls, Cold Pizza, Earth Views
SpaceX says it plans to land crew in the waters off Florida just after 7 p.m. on Saturday.

Lockdowns in Asia Deepen Commodity Supply-Chain Pain
The recent surge in Covid-19 cases in Southeast Asia has throttled ports and locked down plantations and processors, sparking extended disruptions of raw materials such as palm oil, coffee and tin.

FDA Advisory Panel Votes Against Recommending Booster Shots Widely
An advisory panel endorsed Covid-19 boosters for people age 65-plus or at high risk but said there wasn?t enough data to justify giving it to the general population.

U.S. Safety Agency to Probe Fatal Tesla Crash in Florida
The National Transportation Safety Board said its investigation would focus on the operation of the Tesla Model 3 car and a postcrash fire.

State Funds Drop Unilever After Ben & Jerry's Israel Clash
Two months after the ice cream brand moved to stop retailing its products in Jewish settlements in the West Bank, several state funds are selling or threatening to sell their investments in parent company Unilever.

U.S. Economy Shows Resilience During Delta Surge
Americans increased spending at retailers last month, while employers have largely resisted the urge to lay off workers, both signs of strong demand in the economy.

U.S. to Target Crypto Use in Ransomware Attack Payments
The Biden administration is preparing an array of actions, including sanctions, to disrupt the digital finance infrastructure that facilitates ransomware cyberattacks, a national security threat traced to Russia.

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